Patrick Olry and his team

Patrick Olry

Chef of the restaurant l’Ambassade in Béziers, Patrick Olry is committed to a quality and sharing approach.

His cuisine is creative, he likes to please, does not hesitate to take risks and constantly questions himself. The concern for perfection never leaves him, his cuisine is in his image, fair, rich in taste and correlated with the cooked product.

Its know-how and its reputation make the gastronomic establishment a must in the city of Béziers. He is the conductor of a majestic concerto, the artist who develops flavors all in finesse where magic and poetry meet around a plate.

The chef offers plates that gourmets will particularly appreciate. The dishes are made from fresh, local products and according to the season.

The service is tailor-made. An attentive and warm welcome allows guests to experience an exceptional culinary journey in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Patrick Olry listens to his guests and adapts to suit everyone’s dietary constraints.

He is also President of Tables Gourmandes du Languedoc.

Chef Patrick Olry l'Ambassade Béziers

The team

Under the direction of Patrick Olry, no one remains on the sidelines.

United by the same passion, the same desire to please and transmit their emotions through the culinary art, the whole brigade accompanies you on a Mediterranean gastronomic journey.